Big Lottery Fund Dishes out £108 Million

The Big Lottery Fund has announced that it has set aside £108 Million to help young people who have not worked for over a year with training and education programs.

The Big Lottery Fund is of course part of the Good Causes fund that benefits from a percentage of all lottery purchases and unclaimed wins on EuroMillion Lottery.

Big Lottery funds have been distributed to all parts of the United Kingdom including Lincolnshire, The Black Country and Bristol.

The team at applaud this initiative and think that this is better use of lottery funds than say protecting old buildings and boats.

There is of course value in protecting Heritage sites and objects, we just feel that the here and now is of equal or more important than inanimate objects that need funding.

Wolverhampton has benefited to the tune of just over £10 Million, whilst London, Sheffield and Manchester all got over £9 Million

The Big Lottery Fund has in the last week been boosted by an amount of £4 Million from unclaimed winnings.

£3 Million of these Pounds has gone unclaimed by Scottish EuroMillion players alone in the last week.

Two Lottery tickets from Fife and one from East Dunbartonshire failed to collect £1 Million Raffle wins in time. Another EuroMillions ticket from Bristol also missed out on a Million Pound payday.

Whilst this is tragic for Lottery winners it is good news for the community as these good causes funds are boosted and distributed among causes all around the United Kingdom.

To make sure that you do not miss out on any Lottery wins we recommend always checking any and all EuroMillion Lottery tickets.Players can do this very easily and it only takes a few seconds to verify.

To check EuroMillion results visit the EuroMillion Lottery Results page here.

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