Beware of Euro Millions Lottery Scams

The EuroMillions lottery is one of the most popular lotteries globally, with a jackpot starting at £13 million. Given its popularity, it is no surprise that several scams around can turn a lottery player’s dream of winning a lottery into a nightmare.

In the past, lottery scams involved overseas lotteries. Still, these days any lottery is used as a cover, and the recent trend is to try conning people on the EuroMillions lottery.

Email Lottery Scammers

Typically the first point of contact can be via an email in which the potential victim gets informed of a ‘win. Many of these emails look legitimate, and some cons men even link the mail back to the original site.

Some scam artists will pretend to be the lottery official and call the potential victim, informing them about the ‘good news. Some even send letters. All of these con men have in common that they will ask for personal information and bank details, something a legitimate lottery wouldn’t do.

Scammers & Processing Fees

Another trick is to ask for a ‘processing fee’, ‘taxes’ or ‘handling fees’ from the victim because a legitimate lottery would never ask you to pay taxes or fees before receiving a prize. Instead, if required, taxes would get deducted from the award itself.

Protecting yourself against scams is a matter of vigilance and common sense. First, remember that you can only win a lottery if you participate, so if you receive information about a multi-million win on EuroMillions, Lotto, or any other lottery, the rule of the thumb is – if you haven’t played, you didn’t win.

Dont Give Out Your Information To Scammers

Remember, no national lottery requires any processing fees and don’t rely on information provided in a direct mailer, telephone or email without authenticating the source. Please ensure that you also do not provide any address or date of birth information. Finally, the most critical aspect is never to provide details or access to your online banking. No bank or Lottery would ever ask for this kind of access over a phone.

Never ever allow anyone to install software on your phone. If you are sent a link and advised to download the software – err on the side of caution and don’t do it. It is one way scammers are able to gain information. They mine your data from your electronic devices at best, at worst they can get into your online banking.

On a happier note, the current EuroMillions is worth a massive jackpot after rolling over many times, so don’t miss this opportunity to win a jackpot tonight.

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