Austrian Wins €54 Million Jackpot

Austrian Wins €54 Million EuroMillion JackpotA lucky Austrian EuroMillion Lottery ticket holder has won the massive EuroMillion Lottery jackpot main prize. The total jackpot in euros amounted to €54,304,297 and there was a single winning ticket for the jackpot.

The EuroMillions prize was worth £43,58 million in British Pounds.

British EuroMillion players did experience some luck on Draw 721 with a single UK ticket picking up a 5 numbers and 1 lucky star result.

That particular lottery result paid out the lottery ticket holder an amount of £157,766.50. In total 5 EuroMillion players managed to get this level of prize in the draw.

The winning numbers on Draw 721 of EuroMillion Lottery are as follows: 04,07,11,34 and 47. The Lucky Stars are 07 and 08.

To view these results as well as the UK Millionaire Raffle details simply visit our EuroMillion Lottery Results page.

The next EuroMillion Lottery draw takes place on Friday 22 August 2014 and is worth the default prize of £11 Million.

We are pretty sure though that there is at least one Austrian Lottery player who is toasting the Tuesday Lottery draw with a lot of beer and some Schnapps.

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