April Fools EuroMillion Lottery Win

April Fools EuroMillion Lottery Win

A Scottish EuroMillion-playing couple is celebrating an April Fool’s day EuroMillion Lottery win. The couple from Danderhall managed to win the healthy prize of £361,988 playing EuroMillion Lottery.

Not an April’s fool; It is a life-changing win!

According to reports, the better half of the pair was fast asleep when she was woken up with the news of the win. Gwynedd Roberts checked his email and got notified re a EuroMillions win on the popular lottery game. After logging into his Lottery account, he realized he had won the above amount.

Lesley Roberts, confronted with this news, apparently thought it was an April Fools Joke. She double-checked the numbers, and to her joy, it was not her husband playing an April Fool’s joke. There are a couple of important points to be made regarding this win. The first point is that even if players do not win the jackpot, there is still the chance of winning a life-changing amount on the EuroMillion Lottery.

This win is rarely reported, with media outlets focusing on the large EuroMillion wins. The second and most important point re this win is one that we keep harping on about. The fact that this Scottish couple is wise enough to make their Lottery ticket purchases online speaks volumes.

Any online wins are reported to players via their registered email addresses. In addition, if somehow an email is missed, the Lottery has all the relevant address details to contact you should the win prove to be big enough.

Recently, a £68 Million EuroMillions prize went unclaimed due to the ticket holder not coming forward in time. If they had bought their lottery ticket online, the win would have automatically been credited to them. If you plan to participate in tonight’s £22 Million EuroMillion Lottery draw, remember to get your tickets online from authorized Lottery ticket providers.

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