Another UK EuroMillions Win

Another UK EuroMillions Win
Another UK EuroMillions Win

The first EuroMillions draw of October 2015 has proven a very fortunate one for EuroMillion players in the United Kingdom.

Bucking a trend of picking up wins in the more significant value draws, the latest success is on a basic seeded draw. We call it a basic draw with the utmost respect as it is worth a massive £11 Million.

Yet another lottery player in the United Kingdom has managed to pick up a win on the 1st of October 2015 draw merely highlights the popularity of the lottery game.

There are excellent reasons for this apart from the Million Pound Lottery Jackpot prizes.

In the United Kingdom, players automatically enter the Millionaire Maker Raffle. It is not an add on. Instead, it gets factored into the price of every lottery ticket.

Millionaire Maker guarantees a Million Pound prize per draw.

The last Friday of each month sees a Mega Friday draw with enhanced prizes on offer. It is generally in the format of extra rewards.

All of this, plus the chance to become super-wealthy, has meant that EuroMillions has become the dominant lottery game in the United Kingdom and Europe.

The recent winner of a £35 Million EuroMillion Jackpot has yet to claim the win. There have been times when a lottery winner will take some time to arrange their affairs before claiming the win.

Though highly unusual for the win not to be claimed within days in the United Kingdom.

The last reason for the massive popularity of EuroMillions in the UK is that all winnings are tax exempt. Some countries levy a tax on wins, but the UK does not. We look forward to reporting on many more UK EuroMillion Winners.

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