£95 Million EuroMillions Jackpot Tonight

EuroMillions is worth a staggering £95,000,000 in prize money tonight. Of course, that is the lottery jackpot awaiting the winner of the main prize for tonight’s draw. Other cash amounts are to be shared, but who focuses on that? We all want to win the big one.

If won, the £95 million on offer tonight will mean winning a bigger jackpot than the recent £81 million anonymous winner who goes into the history books as the 6th biggest winner of all time. That is if a single winner wins tonight’s lottery jackpot.

What can you buy with tonight’s EuroMillions fortune

So with all that on offer, we look at what a single winner of tonight’s EuroMillions can buy with a £95,000,000 fortune.

For a mere €50 million, the winner can buy the Island of Omfori in the Ionian Sea. It is 1112 Acres worth of prime real estate, allowing the winner to spend €61 million doing up the place to the highest standard.

A top-of-the-range Bombardier Private Jet will cost under €20,000,000, so any self-respecting private island owner can get guests to and fro from the islands in style.

Once there, a Columbus Global Explorer Yacht will take up the remaining cash at €50,000,000 but will ensure that your guests are treated to the highest standards while navigating your private island.

We can only dream with millions of other EuroMillions players and hope our numbers will come up someday. It would be good to go on a mad spending spree of sorts. Remember that you can only win the EuroMillions if you are taking part in it, and to take part in it, you need to buy a EuroMillions ticket.

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