£95 Million EuroMillion Lottery Jackpot Draw

The EuroMillion Lottery jackpot draw today is worth a staggering £95 Million and growing. The fact that a EuroMillion Super Draw is postponed due to the size of the jackpot being larger than the Super Draw amount is a good thing for Lottery players.

Draw 701 of EuroMillions is going to be a popular one with lottery players now targeting the game which will have a jackpot exceeding £100 Million by the time it is won.

This will be the 11th draw of the lottery since the lottery jackpot has last been hit. In the interim there have been a huge amount of payouts to players on the game including a massive £5,90 win for the EuroMillionLottery.com team in last Tuesdays draw.

The fact is that even if you do not manage to win a jackpot, getting 5 numbers plus 1 lucky star can set you up with a life changing amount. A typical example of this is if we take a look at Draw 700 of EuroMillions.

A single UK EuroMillions player was one of 4 lottery players to get 5 numbers and 1 lucky star. This lucky UK player has pocketed a £476,502.90 cash prize.

Remember that on EuroMillions winnings get paid in a lump sum and are tax-free. This is what makes the lottery game so popular around the world with players.

Nineteen lottery players also managed to get 5 numbers correct in the Friday EuroMillions draw and each of them pocketed an amount of £33,438.80 in prize money.

If you have not yet got your EuroMillion Lottery tickets for the draw today, make sure you get them online here.

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