£92 Million Lottery Jackpot Draw Today

euromillion lotteryIf you did not know it already, the draw for the giant EuroMillion Lottery Jackpot takes place tonight and is worth £92 Million. The size of the lottery jackpot does mean that it is the most popular lottery draw for some time as EuroMillion players buy tickets by the bucket load in trying to hit the jackpot.The EuroMillion Lottery jackpot has got to this prize level after the Super Draw on Friday was a rollover. This is a situation that we did predict in our previous lottery news article. The lottery jackpot has grown from £80 Million to £92 Million in a single rollover which is consistent with jackpot games of this size.

The fact that UK EuroMillion players have not enjoyed a lot of recent success on the game is something that we have also noted.That said the EuroMillions Super Draw did produce a 2nd prize winner who picked up a healthy cash prize of £316,429.80 for matching 5 balls and 1 lucky number.

That is the beauty of a cash lump sum, tax-free lottery game. Even without winning the lottery jackpot, the game can still produce a cash win that is life changing.This is one of the main reasons for EuroMillions being so popular with players across the world.

If you have not yet got a ticket for the draw tonight, make sure you visit our homepage where you can view and be taken to an online ticket facility for a secure lottery ticket buy. Simply visit the official EuroMillionLottery.com page here.

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