£91 Million Lottery Excitement

£91 Million Lottery Excitement
£91 Million Lottery Excitement

Excitement for the £91 Million Pound EuroMillion Lottery draw is building up as the day wears on.

The fact that the EuroMillion Lottery has now rolled over twice since the Superdraw is what is generating this excitement.

That and the fact that the Lottery Jackpot is bound to get to or surpass the £100 Million prize level today.

UK Lottery players always get a larger part of EuroMillion tickets for draws, this is clear in the amount of lottery wins we see on the bigger jackpot prizes.

Expect more of this today.When the lottery jackpot is as big as it is today,expect all players in the 12 official playing countries, plus Online EuroMillion players to go all out.

We have been staggering our EuroMillion purchases all the way through the week in the build up to todays draw.

The reason for that is simple. We are maximizing our opportunities to try to win the Millionaire Maker prize as well.

If  you have not yet got lottery tickets for the £91 Million Pound draw today, get them before it is too late. If you are not in it, you simply can  not win it.

As ever, the EuroMillion Draw takes place in Paris and is televised. UK EuroMillion players can get tickets for the draw until 19:30PM. After that time, any further ticket purchases will not be possible.

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