£83 Million Lottery Super Draw Jackpot Won

The EuroMillion Super Draw Lottery jackpot worth £83 Million has been won. Details of the winner have yet to surface, but we can tell you that the winning lottery ticket is not a British one. A single lottery ticket has won the massive £83,830,000 Lottery Super Draw and the process of identifying and verifying the winning lottery ticket will now take place.

Luck on British EuroMillion players side

British EuroMillion players did have some luck further down the prize list. Nine lottery players managed to get 5 balls and 1 lucky number and 2 of those players were from the United Kingdom. They will each pocket £227,257.10 in lottery prize money. British Lottery players won a massive £5,329,261.50 in prize money on this particular lottery draw. A staggering 5,241,528 lottery players won a varying amounts of cash prizes.

The next Lottery draw sees EuroMillions reset its jackpot to the basic amount of £12 Million. If you have taken part in the EuroMillion Super Draw please ensure that you check the results for both the lottery game and the Millionaire Raffle portion of the draw for any wins.

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