£80 Million EuroMillion Lotto Rollover

As per the headline, you can tell that the £80 Million EuroMillions Super Draw was a rollover; no one managed to get all five numbers and two lucky stars on this occasion. That means it is all to play for on Tuesday the 26th of March.

One lucky UK lottery ticket did manage to get five numbers and one lucky star. That has meant a healthy boost to their bank balance to the tune of £336,277.60. You would want the remaining star if you got that many correct. Would you feel grateful if you missed the massive jackpot by one lucky star?

Under the old system, where there was only one lucky star, this would have given the person the big win everyone craved. The closest we have gotten is to get four numbers correct; the other two were one digit out on each.

To view the full draw results of Draw 574, visit our EuroMillion Lottery results page here.

Players from all over the world purchasing lottery tickets

EuroMillions Draw 575 will be a monster with over £90 Million as a jackpot amount. The total lottery jackpot is already at £94 Million. If you are a lottery player from the United States, that would be a massive $149,254,000.00 jackpot. If you are a South African lottery player, there are so many zeroes in Rands it is quite scary. Here is the figure in any event – R1,386,345,753.95. That is over a Billion rand.

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We hope to be reporting on a massive Lottery win early on Tuesday morning, and we already have our tickets in place for the draw.

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