7th Roll Over of EuroMillions

The EuroMillions draw on Friday the 23rd of May 2014 proved to be the 7th consecutive roll over on the popular lottery jackpot game.The new jackpot total for the draw on Tuesday is a massive £54 Million. This means that the jackpot total rose by the amount of £6 Million from the time of the lottery draw starting to its end.

The numbers for the Friday draw were as follows: 03,08,31,34 and 47. The Lucky Stars were 09 and 11. Despite the fact that there where no major winners of the jackpot, there are some very happy UK EuroMillion players who are in the money today.

Three EuroMillion players managed to get 5 number and 1 lucky star and each of them walked away with a £379,639.40 pay day. That included a single lucky winning lottery ticket from the United Kingdom.

The Millionaire Raffle prize that guarantees a new millionaire lottery player for each draw details are as follows: FGX880402. Please make sure that you check your lottery ticket manually for this result as it is not automatically displayed if you have a winner.

The race is on to find a winner of this massive EuroMillion jackpot. The upcoming EuroMillions Super Draw on the 6th of June is around the corner and in our opinion it would be ideal if this amount was not added or included in the lottery super draw amount.

Get yourselves ready for what is going to be one of the most popular Tuesday EuroMillion draws of all time.

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