£73 Million UK Winner Claims Jackpot

The owner of the single winning ticket of the recent £73 Million EuroMillions jackpot has stepped forward to claim the win. In a somewhat unusual move the winner of the massive EuroMillion jackpot has decided to remain anonymous. The owner of the winning ticket has taken over a week to come forward to claim the win.This particular EuroMillions win is the 8th largest lottery win in the United Kingdom.

As the lucky winner has decided to remain anonymous, a very wise decision in our view, it does leave us lots of space to concentrate on the EuroMillion draw that takes place tonight. The lottery jackpot  prize for the draw tonight is worth £20 Million after no player managed to match the numbers on the Tuesday draw.

The EuroMillions draw on Tuesday the 6th of May 2014 was a good one for UK Lottery players despite the fact that none managed to hit the main prize. Three lottery players managed to get 5 numbers and 1 lucky star correct. 2 of those players were from the United Kingdom. The payout for matching these numbers amounted to £227,820.20 each.This is certainly a life changing amount. Remember that UK EuroMillion players also have the Raffle part of the lottery to play for which guarantees a new UK Millionaire for each draw.

With £20 Million on offer as the jackpot prize tonight, make sure that you have your EuroMillion tickets in place well before the draw which takes place in Paris at 20h30. As ever we always recommend players to buy tickets online as that is by far the safest and most secure method of obtaining results as well as winnings.

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