£72 Million Jackpot on EuroMillions Today

EuroMillions has a £72,000,000 lottery jackpot on offer today. The draw for tonight’s jackpot takes place at 8 pm, so there are still a few hours for lottery players to get tickets for this most popular of European Lottery games.

Be aware! The new wave of emails from scammers

In our experience, the larger a lottery jackpot there is on offer, the more popular it becomes for obvious reasons, and it has been known for lottery sites to go down when a jackpot of this size is on offer.

This is one of the reasons why we always recommend our members buy lottery tickets in advance to avoid missing out on the potential for a life-changing payday. Make sure you get your tickets online with us at an early stage by clicking on the link below.

EuroMillion Lottery players are also seemingly subjected to a new wave of emails from scam artists using our email address. Please note that we would never send out emails advising players that they have won a lottery jackpot quoting an amount. This week, members have received many queries pointing out this sad behaviour.

We offer lottery players worldwide the ability to buy lottery tickets for all the major lottery games via our Lottery service. We have many happy and loyal lottery players worldwide who safely play the Euro Millions Lottery each week.

That said, the only remaining thing to do is to wish all Lottery players the best of luck for tonight’s EuroMillions draw. It does take a bit of luck to win a life-changing amount, and that is what EuroMillions has done over the years, changing people’s lives.

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