£72 Million Friday EuroMillions Jackpot

The EuroMillions Jackpot for the first draw of May 2014 is worth a massive £72 Million. Friday the 2nd of May is officially the 2nd day of Summer and with it comes the hope that a UK player will be picking up this massive EuroMillions prize.

The draw on Tuesday for EuroMillions was not a particularly good one for UK and other EuroMillion players. The best placed result for UK EuroMillions players was 2 players matching 5 lottery balls which won them £37,631.20 each.

So despite the dismal drenching that we are getting at this time of year, there is one bright spot on the horizon in the form of the biggest EuroMillion jackpot of the year so far.

The popular game has been in the news this week with Police in the UK warning that yet another EuroMillions Scam is making the rounds, this time using the name of the last big winner on the game. We are of course talking about Neil Trotter who won a EuroMillion jackpot worth just over £107 Million.

The only way to win a EuroMillion or any other lottery jackpot is by purchasing tickets for the game. Do not be fooled by emails or letters arriving in the post. Anything of this nature needs to be treated with caution.

Make sure that you have your EuroMillion lottery ticket in place for the draw at 8:30pm tonight. To create a secure online lottery ticket account simply click on the Play Now button above.

Doing this will take you to a secure Online Lottery ticket service which allows you to buy tickets for EuroMillions and other major lottery games via subscription.

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