£71 Million Pre Super Draw Lottery Jackpot

EuroMillions is worth a massive £71,000,000 today and comes just 3 days before the next EuroMillion Lottery Super Draw is due on the 6th of June 2014. It is important that the lottery jackpot is hit today.

The reason for that of course is that if the jackpot is not hit, the Lottery Super Draw which is always worth £80 Million, will be missed out on as the current total is very close to that amount.

The EuroMillions draw on Friday was worth an amount of just over £64 Million. Five lottery tickets from around Europe managed to match 5 numbers and 1 lucky star.

One of these lucky lottery players is a UK EuroMillions player. Each of the players got £250,320.10 in prize money.Eight players managed to Match 5 including 2 tickets from the UK and this result earned the ticket holders a £52,150.00 prize.

The current £71 Million jackpot has accrued via a series of 9 roll overs of the lottery game. We are of course wanting the jackpot to be won today because the next lottery draw will then start at £80 Million and EuroMillion Lottery players will get a lot more value from this.

The organisers of EuroMillions will not add the £80 Million Super Draw total to the current jackpot meaning that there is no value in having yet another roll over. Hopefully somebody across all the EuroMillion countries will win the lottery jackpot tonight. That would be the best case scenario for Lottery players.

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