6th Roll Over of EuroMillions Today

The EuroMillions Lottery draw taking place later today is the sixth roll over of the popular lottery jackpot game since it was last won. The total jackpot for the lottery game is worth a massive £48 Million. This is an increase of just under £10 Million since the lottery draw on Tuesday. That was worth £39.66 Million and goes to show just how much extra activity occurs on EuroMillions once the jackpot reaches a certain level.

The smallest increase of the jackpot amount between draws as specified by Camelot is £5 Million. The fact that the total almost doubled on a Tuesday draw goes to show just how popular EuroMillions is. Lottery players can expect the jackpot total to increase by at least £2 million before the draw takes place in Paris at half past eight tonight.

British EuroMillion players have had an incredible run of luck on the larger lottery jackpot games in recent times. There was the Neil Trotter win of £108 Million as well as a £73 Million win by a UK player who wished to remain anonymous in the last 2 months.

The fact that the EuroMillion Jackpot should go over £50 Million today bodes well for UK players as this is generally when a win occurs for UK players. The draw on Tuesday was not wildly successful for UK players with a best placed result of a Match 5 numbers placing.This meant a £35,456.20 payout for the two UK players who got a Match 5 on the draw.

One more disappointing UK EuroMillions habit also keeps cropping  up in the National Media. The fact that players seem to ignore looking at Millionaire Raffle results has cost UK players millions in lost prize money. This week a Millionaire Raffle win will be lost by a Midlands ticket holder if they do not claim the win within the 6 month claim period.

The most famous non claimant was of course the first Special Millionaire Raffle draw that paid out £12 Million over a period of a year. The winning lottery ticket bought in the Ladywood area of Birmingham and was eventually lost to the Good Causes Fund. Although that is admirable, we think that there is no better cause than a EuroMillion win hitting a players bank account.

Make sure that if you are taking part in the EuroMillion Lottery draw to check both the main draw result as well as the Millionaire Raffle result before getting rid of your ticket. It could just be worth your while.


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