£63 Million May Lottery Jackpot

The popular EuroMillion Lottery game will go into over drive with lottery players world-wide purchasing lottery tickets to win all or part of the massive lottery cash jackpot on offer. EuroMillions Draw 698 is the eighth consecutive draw in which the lottery jackpot has increased. The EuroMillion Jackpot is now worth a massive £63 Million and comes just a week before the £80 Million Lottery Super Draw game.

The EuroMillion Lottery draw today is going to be as popular as the Lottery Super Draw next week. The size of the jackpot will certainly be a determining factor with a lot of players making extra line purchases or adding a Lucky Dip choice into the mix to win some of the cash. Six EuroMillion players did manage to get 5 numbers and 1 lucky star on the Tuesday draw. That included 2 UK lottery players who each won an amount of £136,065.80 in the draw.

11 lottery players managed to get 5 numbers correct including 4 UK players. Getting this result means a £24,739.20 pay day for the lottery players. The difference that a single number makes in the lottery game is well illustrated by the difference in the payout between 5 numbers and 1 lucky star and a match 5 result.

Make sure that you have your EuroMillion Lottery tickets in place for Draw 698 tonight. As usual the draw takes place at half past eight in Paris.  EuroMillion players have also been in the news this week with the news that a French Jackpot winner of €72 Million has decided to give away €50 Million of this win to charitable causes. It is not yet known which causes are set to benefit from this largesse but we are sure that this will become clearer in the near future. Most Lottery winners do decide to set up Charitable Trusts for various purposes.

So plan on setting up a charitable cause if you manage to win the £63 Million Lottery Jackpot this Friday.

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