5th EuroMillions Rollover Draw

The popular EuroMillions Lottery game sees its fifth draw since it was last won. The jackpot on the lottery game has since grown to be £37 Million. To us this always means that the jackpot amount is going to grow faster as more people become more interested.

It is always the case that the larger the EuroMillion Lottery jackpot the larger the interest, after a series of 4 roll overs of the lottery the fifth draw since it has last been hit is going to generate significant interest. The current jackpot of £37,000,000 will exceed £40 Million if it is not won and that means even more interest.

The earlier EuroMillions draw on Tuesday 12 August 2014 saw two lottery tickets match 5 numbers and a single star. The two tickets that got this result picked up a prize of £411,000 pounds each.There were also 5 lottery tickets that managed to match 5 numbers on the EuroMillion draw. Each of these players walked away with a little over £48,000 in prize money.

The draw today is worth a massive £37,000,000 and by the time the draw takes place it will be worth a little more. Make sure you have your EuroMillion Lottery tickets.

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