£53 Million Jackpot Win By Belgian Lottery Player

The massive EuroMillion Lottery jackpot has been won on the Tuesday draw. The final lottery prize was worth £53,758,144 and was won by a single ticket bought in Belgium. The final jackpot prize is worth €67,902,166 in Euros and the lucky ticket holder also gets the prize win in cash and most critically it is a tax-free win.

This is the first time in some time that Belgium lottery players have something to shout about. The recent run of wins seem to have been split among British, French and Spanish Lottery players with Portuguese EuroMillion players picking up a win here and there. In our earlier post we made a prediction that the lottery would roll over again.

So much for that prediction. It seems to have gone the way of those that state they are able to develop a system to win the lottery. Three EuroMillion players managed to match 5 numbers and 1 lucky star on the draw. This won the ticket holders just over £309 thousand pounds. Seven lottery players managed to match 5 numbers on the draw winning them each £44,176.82.

The best placed UK EuroMillions result was a Match 4 plus 2 lucky stars result which rewarded players with £2,842.90. That amount does seem to be very small for matching that amount of numbers and lucky stars, the thing is that 49 players managed to match this result in the draw.

The winning numbers for the draw are as follows – 15,18,20,27 and 34. The Lucky Star numbers are 1 and 3.




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