$520 Million In Lottery Jackpots

This week there is a total of $520 Million worth of Lottery Jackpot prizes on offer via two popular USA Lottery games. The lottery draws for both popular lotteries take place soon, so make sure you have lottery tickets for either of these massive lottery games.

Powerball Lottery-Biggest lottery Jackpot

The popular Powerball Lottery is the first of the two lottery games and the game with the biggest lottery jackpot. It now boasts a massive jackpot worth $350 million. This total is bound to increase substantially, with Lottery players from around the world climbing in to buy tickets to win some of the prizes on the Powerball Lottery.

For a full review of all the prizes, visit our Powerball Lottery Review. The draw for the Powerball Lottery takes place each Wednesday and Saturday, so there is little time to get tickets for the next draw.

Mega Millions Lottery is the other big USA Lottery jackpot on offer, with a total of $170 million. Whilst, Mega Millions is the older of the two lottery games. It normally offers players smaller jackpots. This is primarily because it is offered in fewer states, so fewer people play it. This also makes it a good lottery to play, as the theory is that winning it could be a little easier.

For a full review of the popular lottery, visit our Mega Millions Lottery review. The draw for the Mega Millions Lottery takes place each Tuesday and Saturday. Lottery players must get tickets to this lottery pretty shortish if they want to participate.

Lottery players from the UK can participate in both USA Lottery games by purchasing lottery tickets from our Lottery ticket service provider. The provider buys real tickets for the lottery games and sends you a scanned copy of the ticket. With $520 million in Lottery jackpot games on offer, we highly recommend taking a punt this week and buying a few lottery tickets.

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