£46 Million Lotto Jackpot Today

£46 Million Lotto Jackpot Today
£46 Million Lotto Jackpot Today

The National Lottery Game or as it is more popularly known, The Lotto boasts a remarkable £46.5 Million Pound lottery jackpot. This is a remarkable change on the face of it in terms of jackpot value.

The Lotto Jackpot is now even larger than the EuroMillions Jackpot, EuroMillions is now only worth £36.3 Million in prize money.

There is however, serious discontent among the lottery playing community in the United Kingdom.

This discontent is not down to the fact that the Lotto jackpot is so large, it is however down to the changes made on the Lotto game.

Last October 2015, Camelot introduced a series of controversial changes to the lottery game, they added 10 extra balls to the draw as well as doubling the price.Lotto tickets now cost £2, the same as EuroMillions.

Along with that came a host of extra prize levels as well as a new Raffle, aping the structure of the more popular EuroMillions game.

We are guessing that what they wanted to do was to reinvigorate the Lotto game, it was a poor cousin in terms of prize money compared to the giant transnational EuroMillions game.

Well it certainly seems as if they have succeeded on the Jackpot Prize front. The only issue is, it has been 13 draws since the main jackpot was last claimed.

This particular statistic is drawing the ire of both Lottery players and the Media in the United Kingdom. Many opponents of the changes blasted Camelot for being grasping and greedy.

The fact is, Camelot are relying on the headline jackpot figure to keep attracting players to the game. Despite the odds being totally against claiming a win on the Lotto, lottery players will keep trying.

That is what Camelot are banking on. This has allowed them to add extra prize levels that pay out paltry amounts, whilst making it rather more difficult to win anything of value.

Saying all the above, our interest was such that we managed to purchase 2 lines for the draw tonight. I guess its 1 nil to Camelot then.

We are wondering if this is an opportunity for the Health Lottery to step in with an aggressive marketing campaign. It might just be the right time for them to step forward.

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