£42 Million Lottery Jackpot Draw Today

EuroMillions is worth a massive £42 Million in lottery jackpot prize money today.

The EuroMillion Lottery jackpot has grown for five consecutive draws in which no lottery player has been able to claim the main prize. Will that all come to an end today?

A cash lump sum of £42,000,000 at the least awaits the winner of the EuroMillion Lottery draw today.

As it is a Friday,the lottery  draw which remains the more popular of the bi-weekly draws, the lottery jackpot should increase by the time the draw takes place tonight at 8:45 PM Central European Time.

EuroMillion Lottery players have until 7 PM UK time to get lottery tickets for the draw.

As ever our advice is to always get lottery tickets online. The convenience of Online Lottery tickets far outweighs the perceived advantages of buying tickets from your local news agent.

In the United Kingdom, in the last month alone, more than £3 Million in EuroMillion Lottery winnings have gone unclaimed due to players not claiming wins in the specified time period.

Have an Online Lottery account does away with this issue as the National Lottery will have all contact details on hand to be able to contact you should there be a win.

This also includes the UK National Lottery game which now also boasts a Raffle.

To find out more about how to play the Lottery and where to play it, visit our homepage and click on the relevant button. UK players can play directly from the National Lottery site.

Lottery players from other parts of the world can use our authorized 3rd party lottery ticket service to take part in the EuroMillion Lottery draw.

For more on Online Lottery tickets click here.

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