3rd Rollover of EuroMillions

EuroMillions has rolled over yet again after the Tuesday draw for the lottery game produced no winners of the lottery jackpot.The next EuroMillions jackpot is worth £36,000,000 for the draw on Friday the 13th of December.It does seem that the Lottery Gods have heeded our call for a big Christmas lottery game. Camelot is certainly not listening and so with the 3rd rollover of the EuroMillion Lottery we have a lottery jackpot that is appealing.

Lottery players have been spoilt in the last few years with a range of lottery super draw games being offered around the festive time period, it does seem though that UK Lottery players this year will have to make do with rollovers.

EuroMillions Lottery Draw 649 was a terrible one for UK player in terms of cash prizes. The closest players got was matching four lottery numbers and two lucky stars. The cash prize for getting this was £3,688.40. Four UK EuroMillion players managed to hit this out of a joint thirty-one players.

Two lottery players managed to get five numbers plus one lucky star, four players managed to get 5 numbers correct. Despite the disastrous results for UK Lottery players  it is all to play for this coming Friday with a £36 Million lottery jackpot on offer.

To view all the results as well as lottery jackpots visit our lottery home page here.

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