£39 Million Tuesday EuroMillions Draw

Tuesday is one of our 2 favourite days of the week. The reason for that is obvious. It is EuroMillions draw day and today the jackpot on the game is a healthy £39 Million and climbing. UK EuroMillion players have the added advantage of the Millionaire Raffle part of the draw which guarantees to create a new millionaire in each draw.

Tuesday EuroMillion draws are our favourite draw day. The main reason for that is that there are often massive jackpot prizes on offer and fewer players taking part in the lottery draw. For some reason it seems to us that Friday EuroMillion draws are the more popular of the bi weekly draws. Having fewer players taking part does mean that there is a better chance of winning a massive prize.

Lottery players in the United Kingdom had a bit of a barren run in the 694th draw of EuroMillions that took place last Friday. After a series of fantastic results the best placed UK player managed to get 5 numbers correct. Two UK EuroMillion players achieved this and 6 players in total across all the EuroMillion playing countries. This result meant a payout of £58,982.50 for the players.

We are of course hoping that the jackpot is won prior to the Lottery Super Draw which takes place on the 6thof June 2014. There are a few more draws before that takes place but we are hoping that players do manage to hit the jackpot before that comes due. The prize fund for the Super Draw does start at £80 Million which is absolutely huge.

It will of course attract part-time players and those just wanting a punt at winning and becoming super wealthy. Who can blame them. Make sure though that you have your EuroMillion Lottery tickets for the draw tonight.

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