£38 Million EuroMillions Pot

EuroMillions have a £38 Million Jackpot pot on offer this Friday 20th of September 2013. Lottery players have not been able to land the jackpot prize for the last 3 lottery draws, this reflects in the size of the lottery jackpot pot.

A £38,000,000 lottery prize normally also entices part time players to part with the funds for a ticket or two and as we all know by now UK players have the additional benefit of the Millionaire Raffle.Irish EuroMillion players have experienced an amazing run of fortune, they also have an additional portion to their version called EuroMillions Plus.

UK EuroMillion players are now able to play directly on the official site via EuroMillionlottery.com by simply clicking on the UK Player button or EuroMillions banner on the site. We always recommend buying lottery tickets online as it then removes the danger of misplacing or forgetting about a lottery ticket. It also means that the relevant lottery has player details online and if a win does occur the player is notified automatically via mail.

Lottery players from countries in Europe and other parts of the world are also able to take part in the EuroMillion Lottery draw by clicking on the Buy EuroMillions Tickets buttons.

Friday Lottery draws normally see a lot more action than Tuesday draws as people get paid and generally shop more than they do during the week. Avoid all of the hassle of queuing up for a ticket and get your lottery tickets online here for the draw.

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