£37 Million EuroMillions Jackpot Day

EuroMillions has a lottery jackpot of at least £37 million today. This is obviously due to a few rollovers in Europe’s Premier Lottery. If you have not yet purchased tickets make sure that you do so for today’s draw.

We always recommend purchasing tickets online as in that way you are guaranteed to get news from the official distributors of tickets.

There have been in recent times a lot of news about Lottery Scams. It is getting to be more and more difficult to spot these scams as the people behind the scam are able to copy and phishing email addresses so it seems that they are legitimate.

What you should do is check either with us or your home lottery authorities.

Always remember that if you have not bought a lottery ticket then it is impossible to win a lottery. There are no lotteries that simply award people money.

Another quick tell is if they ask you for an admin fee to process winnings. No Lottery on earth would ever ask for this.

As ever in Britain there is also the Millionaire Raffle prize that is on offer and in Ireland they have the EuroMillions Plus.

These extra prizes guarantee a Millionaire a week in these countries. Good luck Good Luck Good Luck.

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