£36 Million Winner Steps Forward

EuroMillion Lottery

The recent winner of an over £36,000,000 EuroMillion Lottery jackpot prize has stepped forward to claim the lottery prize. At this point there are no further details on the winner.

Camelot have declined to state where the winning lottery ticket was bought and if it was a single ticket win or part of a EuroMillion Syndicate.

This indicates to us the EuroMillion Jackpot winner wishes to remain anonymous and who can blame the winner/s.The amount of scrutiny that comes with winning a lottery prize of this amount is enormous.

This £36 Million win comes just 2 weeks after a £53 Million win by an elderly UK EuroMillion playing couple.It certainly does bode well for UK Lottery players when the jackpot rolls over a few times.

The £53 Million win was the 10th largest lottery win where the £36 Million win was the 18th largest.We will take anywhere in the top 20 for a win amount.

As the Mega Friday EuroMillions main prize was claimed,it means we are now back down to the basic EuroMillion Lottery jackpot.For those of you that do not know, it is worth £10 Million.

Please make sure that you do check your Mega Friday Lottery tickets.There where 10 Millionaire Maker Raffle prizes awarded along with a luxury yacht trip.

For some strange reason lottery players seem to often skip this part.Many millions of pounds in prizes have been lost by players including the most infamous one of all.

We are of course talking about the £1 Million a month for 1 year Millionaire Raffle prize.That ticket was bought in a deprived area of Birmingham and was lost to the Good Causes Fund after the winner did not claim their prize.

To view all the latest and historical EuroMillion Lottery Results, including the Millionaire Maker Results,simly visit our EuroMillion Lottery Results Page.

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