£35 Million Winner Steps Forward

£35 Million Winner Steps Forward
£35 Million Winner Claims Jackpot

The recent winner of a £35 Million Pound EuroMillion Lottery Jackpot has stepped forward to make their claim.

Camelot who manage EuroMillions in the United Kingdom have confirmed this.

The UK Lottery player who won this huge lottery jackpot is still deciding whether to stay anonymous or choose to face the full glare of the public spotlight.

Camelot are now verifying the win,once this is complete,the transfer of the lottery jackpot win will take place.The only details that have emerged are that the winner is a male.

Camelot who manage the lottery game in the United Kingdom will be hoping the player does decide to go public. The reason for that is simple. Winners create headlines.

It is to the advantage of Camelot for lottery winners to go public.

It does however place a lot of pressure on the winner,there have been many cases of lottery winners not handling the pressure well.

As ever we always recommend winners to stay anonymous.There is no advantage in being placed in the spotlight in this instance.

We are glad though that the winner of this Lottery Jackpot has stepped forward to claim the win.

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