$338 Million Powerball Lottery Winner Comes Forward

The recent winner of the massive $338 Powerball Lottery has according to reports revealed his identity.

Mr. Pedro Quezada has come forward to claim the win. He had bought his Powerball Lottery ticket at Eagle Liquors Store in Passaic New Jersey late on the Monday afternoon.

According to reports Mr. Quezada a Dominican immigrant returned to the store where the owner of the store confirmed this was the winning Lottery ticket. As you can imagine there where representatives of the media there as well.

Mr. Quezada is a father of five and has been in the USA for over 25 years. According to reports he has managed a grocery store that he has had to wake up really early for.

Once the draw had taken place and he realized that he had won the lottery, the first person he called to share the news with was his wife. According to reports the Grocery store is now shut. Who can blame him.

The family is now  members of the Living the American Dream Club. According to residents of the borough they are hard-working people as all immigrants tend to be, or rather have to be.

As you can imagine the lucky winner of the Powerball has stated that his first priority was going to be helping his family. This particular lottery win is the fourth largest Powerball Lottery jackpot, if the winner elects to take a cash lump sum, he will receive $152 Million after taxes.

The lump sum amount payable is $221 Million , but he does have to lose the difference as Lottery winnings are taxable in the USA.

We are pretty sure that he wont mind in the least and that he will not be selecting the annual annuity. Who in their right mind would select a yearly amount over a cash lump sum.

The Powerball Lottery has now been reset to its default jackpot level of $15 Million.

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