2nd Lottery Super Draw Rollover

2nd Lottery Super Draw Rollover
2nd Lottery Super Draw Rollover

The draw on EuroMillion Lottery last night produced yet another rollover.

That means the main lottery jackpot prize has risen again from the £81 Million it was, to a new total of £91 Million.

Normally when there is a rollover on EuroMillions, the lottery jackpot only grows by £5 Million. Growth on a Tuesday EuroMillions draw is normally less than that.

This was however no ordinary lottery draw. As we have pointed out, this was the 2nd consecutive draw for the EuroMillion Jackpot prize since the Super Draw.

The fact that lottery player in the official 12 EuroMillion playing countries, or Online Lottery players managed to claim the main prize does add a new level of excitement for players.

There were still big winners on the lottery draw last night. Four EuroMillion tickets matched the 2nd tier prize to each win £347,476.80 in prize money.

Of the 4 players that claimed these prizes, 2 tickets originated  in the United Kingdom.

With so much prize money at stake on the EuroMillions Draw on Friday, we always recommend getting lottery tickets in early.

Do not leave it till the last possible moment. Something always crops up to interfere with the important task of getting lottery tickets.

To make sure you always have tickets for EuroMillions and other major lottery games, we always recommend getting lottery tickets online.

This Fridays Lottery Draw is going to be intense,make sure you are in the running for it.

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