2nd Biggest Lottery Jackpot of all Time

That is correct. The Powerball Lottery jackpot, which currently totals $600,000,000, is officially the second-largest. If you have not yet bought tickets for this huge Powerball Lottery game, do it now.

The draw for the lottery takes place Saturday evening at 10:59 Eastern Standard time. If there is no lottery winner on this occasion, it is likely to be the largest lottery of all time by the time the Wednesday draw comes around.

With a lottery jackpot totalling $600 Million, interest in the Powerball Lottery will go through the roof, so make sure you have your tickets in place in good time. The largest lottery jackpot ever was for the Mega Millions Lottery. This is another popular USA Lottery game with massive jackpots. Recently, the Powerball version seems to have larger jackpots than Mega Millions.

Apart from the main prize on Powerball, a range of prizes can be won on the Lottery. Jackpots worth $2 million and $1 million can be won when purchasing a lottery ticket with the Power Play option.

Powerball Lottery concierge service

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