£28 Million Jackpot and 17 Year Old Winners

There is a ton of EuroMillion Lottery news today. This is a courtesy of the massive £100 Million Millionaire Raffle Game that took place in last Fridays draw of the lottery. There are so many winners to report about it would be impossible to get through them all. There are a few stand out winners though that we will share with you.

Can you imagine buying a lottery ticket for the first time and winning a Million pounds. This really happened to a lucky Scottish EuroMillions player who is 17 years old. Jane Park from Midlothian has an enviable record. One Lottery ticket bought, and one win. That’s an enviable record. The young Hibs fan plans on purchasing a vehicle and going holiday with friends. She was lucky enough to pick up one of the 100 Millionaire Raffle tickets.

A woman in Kent who chose to remain anonymous has also won a million pounds via the Millionaire Raffle game. This particular lady did not even touch a lottery ticket instead she opted for playing EuroMillions online and won her cash in that manner.

The EuroMillion Lottery jackpot is worth a massive £28 Million this Friday and is at its highest level for quite some time. Lottery player in Europe have been experiencing a fortunate series of wins with Portuguese EuroMillion players picking up the last two jackpots on the game.

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