£26 Million Double Rollover Tonight

EuroMillion Lottery

EuroMillion Lottery players have a £26 Million Double Rollover jackpot to play for tonight. The Lottery last won by a Spanish Lottery player has seen 2 rollovers since the last win making today’s lottery prize fund a large one that will draw out part-time players.

Millionaire raffle guarantees a new Millionaire on each draw

Friday EuroMillion Lottery draws are generally more popular and busier than draws on a Tuesday which means that the lottery jackpot prize generally grows that much quicker. It has also been the case for the last few EuroMillion lottery wins that the main prize has been won on a Friday.

The draw on Tuesday for EuroMillions produced the most disappointing set of results we have yet seen so far, this should change for to night’s draw. Not only did lottery players not manage to win the main prize, not a single player across all of the Lottery playing regions managed to get five numbers and a lucky star. Only two lottery players managed to get five numbers, and none of these winning lottery tickets originated in the United Kingdom. The one consolation that UK EuroMillion players have is the Millionaire Raffle guarantees a new Millionaire for each draw.

Tonight’s EuroMillion Lottery draw is therefore set up nicely for a UK win; we are hoping to be reporting on this early in the week. As ever, we always recommend buying lottery tickets online. Lottery players worldwide can get tickets directly from our site. UK Lottery players can also get tickets for each draw by clicking on our UK Players button.

Visit the EuroMillion Lottery page here to find out more and to get lottery tickets online.

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