25 Millionaire Christmas EuroMillions Game

This Christmas the EuroMillion Lottery is hosting a special draw for UK EuroMillion players. The Millionaire Raffle which normally created a Millionaire a week is making 25 UK lottery players Millionaires. The draw will take place on the 25th of December so make sure that you all have your tickets well before the draw.

This Super EuroMillions draw follows on from the 100 millionaires that the Millionaire Raffle draw created during the Summer Olympics. At that time interest was huge and  the jackpot sky rocketed to astronomical proportions. We expect to see the same kind of activity during the Christmas period.

What better way to celebrate the Holiday Season with loved ones and having a few more zeroes added on to your bank account. This weeks draw is worth £61.000.000 which is more than enough to keep anyone in Christmas Tinsel.

To take part in the EuroMillions draw simply click on the Buy EuroMillions Tickets button on the front page. Players from all over the world can make use of our authorised lottery ticket partners. Lottery players from South Africa,Australia,Canada and the United States are all able to buy lottery tickets quite legally and safely.

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