£25 Million Jackpot Prize Draw

euromillion lotteryEuroMillions is worth £25 Million in Lottery prize money for the draw taking place today. The prize pool has climbed to this total after two rollovers  in which no player has managed to win the main jackpot prize.

EuroMillions Draw 706 on Friday 27 June 2014 was not a particularly successful one for lottery players in general. The closes that players came to winning the main prize was a single ticket matching 5 numbers and 1 lucky star. The best placed result for a UK EuroMillion player was a Match 5 numbers result.

This Match 5 result earned the lucky UK Lottery player a £116,852.90 pay day. Three lottery players in total managed to get five numbers correct. The earlier draw saw over 1 million players pick up some form of cash prize with over £3,171,333.30 being paid out to UK lottery players alone.

EuroMillions Draw 707 takes place tonight in Paris at the usual time of 20:30 pm. Make sure that you have your lottery tickets in place well before then. With the jackpot pool at £25 Million and growing there is going to be a lot more interest in the draw tonight.

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