£21 Million Lottery Jackpot

Friday EuroMillion Lottery draws are always the most anticipated and most popular of draws. This Friday EuroMillions has a £21,000,000 lottery jackpot on offer. EuroMillions has reached this amount after a single roll over from Tuesdays draw which was worth the basic £12 Million.

Recent news surrounding the popular lottery game include a woman rescuing her lottery ticket from a garbage bin after her local shop advertised that it had a winner. In addition to that two lifelong Irish friends have won five hundred thousand euros on EuroMillions Plus.

EuroMillions Plus is the Irish lotteries equivalent of Millionaire Raffle. The fact that it predates the UK version simply highlights the fact as to how popular the lottery game is in Ireland.

To take part in today’s EuroMillion Lottery draw simply visit the EuroMillion Lottery homepage to get lottery tickets online.

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