£21 Million EuroMillion Jackpot

The EuroMillion lottery jackpot is worth £21 Million tonight after the Tuesday draw of the game rolled over. Four Lottery players managed to match 5 numbers and one lucky star to each win £174,787.20. EuroMillions Draw 629 paid out £2,015,793.80 in prize money to UK Lottery players.

EuroMillions remains popular with lottery players

EuroMillions seems to be going from strength to strength and remains popular with lottery players in all of the countries where it is played. The same can not be said about the UK National Lottery game. A storm of controversy is currently taking place after recent changes. Camelot the organisers of the lottery have doubled the price of a lottery ticket from £1 to £2 which has led to calls to boycott the lottery game.

Camelot has pointed out that there are increased jackpots and cash prizes and that this is the first time since 1994 that the UK National Lottery has increased in price. Players and Politicians, though, have a different view calling the changes “greedy” on the part of Camelot and stating that this was an additional tax on the poor.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out as the lottery jackpots have doubled, and a new raffle element seems to have been taken from the EuroMillion game. We do predict stormy times ahead for the National Lottery but still think that Camelot will maintain the increase in price as after all is said and done, lottery players want big jackpots, and this is going to give it to them.

To view the latest EuroMillion Lottery Results and Lottery Jackpots on offer, visit the Official EuroMillion Lottery page here.

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