£21 Million Euro Millions Jackpot Tonight

EuroMillions have a £21 Million Lottery jackpot on offer tonight. The figure is bound to rise slightly with players normally rushing to take advantage of the increased weekend jackpot.

The Tuesday EuroMillions draw was a rollover, and this has meant that the lottery jackpot has increased to the above amount. The jackpot amount in Euros is a massive €25 million.

The last few weeks have seen Portuguese Lottery players taking home the majority of the big jackpots. It does seem to be a trend on EuroMillions where a particular countries players seem to have a hot streak of luck on the Lottery.

According to reports Portuguese Lottery players have managed to win over €72 Million in Lottery jackpots so far this year. With the country struggling in a deep economic recession., there will be a few people with a lot of cash to play about with.

The United Kingdom has also had a large amount of big winners this year, and we hope to see that trend re continued starting with this particular draw. To view all the EuroMillion Lottery results check out our EuroMillion Results Page.

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An example of just why it is so important to buy Lottery Tickets Online is the constant search for owners of winning lottery tickets. If you follow Lottery news you will note that in recent times a EuroMillions jackpot of over £60 Million went unclaimed and was lost to the good causes fund due to the owner of the lottery ticket not claiming the win in the time period allowed. Playing Online gets rid of the obligation to check lottery tickets as Lottery Ticket providers will tell players when a lottery ticket has won a prize.

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