2 Winners of Half a Billion Powerball Lottery

The massive Half a Billion Dollar Powerball Lottery jackpot has paid out. Two winning tickets have claimed the main prize of $588 million.

One ticket holder was from Missouri, and the other winning ticket was bought in Arizona. The winning tickets will split a massive $293.7 million between them.

The Arizona ticket holder has not claimed the massive prize

The winning ticket holder from Missouri has come forward to make his claim but has not yet been identified. Winning a massive sum like this always generates much interest from traditional media outlets, and there is already speculation as to whether the winner will identify themselves.

The Arizona ticket holder has not yet come forward to claim the massive prize. The winners now have the option to either take a cash lump sum or an annual annuity. The cash lump sum is always the more popular of the options, as the annuity will end should the winner be unfortunate enough not to live an extended period.

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