$2 Billion Powerball Lottery Win

Powerball Lottery has paid out a World Record Lottery Jackpot prize. The total value of the win was a giant $2.04 Billion in prize money, and it got claimed by a single-ticket winner from California.

World Record Lottery Win

The draw for the $2.04 Billion Powerball Lottery was unusual in that it was delayed to the following morning. No reason was given for the delay. It undoubtedly helped to take the prize level to the new record mark. Following the lottery draw, it was announced that a single ticket from California had won the main prize.

What To Do With Just Under a Billion?

If the World Record Powerball payout winner elects to go for the cash prize, they will go home with $997.6 Million before taxes. It is the one difference between US Multi-State lotteries and lottery games in the United Kingdom. Currently, lottery wins are not subject to taxes in the UK. The other difference is that all lotteries pay out a cash amount and are not annuity-type lotteries.

Powerball Millionaire Draw

Apart from the World Record Lottery win, this particular lottery draw created many more millionaires. 22 Powerball tickets paid out $1 Million prizes for matching 5 balls. The petrol station owner also got paid a million dollars for selling the winning ticket. That is another significant difference between the American Lottery games and European ones.

To Go Public Or Not

We are advocates of remaining anonymous. You only have to read about the angst and harassment that lottery winners go through to realise this is the wise course to take. For US Lottery players, though, it is sometimes not an option. In this instance, state law in California prohibits a winner from remaining anonymous. We can’t think of a single good reason why this is the case. We hope the winner is preparing for life in the glare of media scrutiny.

Winning over $2 Billion is life-changing, and we are sure they will get assistance from Powerball to manage the win and, most importantly, the media glare they will experience.

$2 Billion Powerball Lottery Jackpot Win
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