£18 Million UK EuroMillions Winner

It has been a while, but yet again, the United Kingdom reigns supreme. Last night’s EuroMillions Lottery jackpot drew a UK winner of the £18 Million EuroMillions jackpot.

The owner of the winning lottery ticket remains unknown

The total prize money for EuroMillions draw 639 was a massive £18,107,224. As of yet, details of the owner of the winning lottery ticket have not yet emerged. Three Lottery players managed to get 5 numbers and 1 lucky star on the draw last night to all win cash prizes.

Across all Euro Million playing countries, 1,679,561 lottery players won cash prizes. Due to the jackpot win, most of the winnings have been paid out to UK Lottery players. A total of £19,739,369.80 has been paid out in the last draw.

As if this was not enough of a feel-good factor, EuroMillions has announced a EuroMillions Lottery Super Draw to take place on Friday, the 15th of November. The Super draw will boast a starting jackpot prize fund of £80 Million.

This Super Draws only happen about three to four times a year so make sure you have purchased your EuroMillion lottery tickets in time for the draw. Leaving it to the last moment on a draw like this is risky, as sites tend to get bombarded with requests and have been known to go offline.

The feel-good factor is back with us for today anyway, now that we know a UK Lottery player somewhere is waking up to the news of good fortune. That combined with the upcoming Lottery Super Draw makes even the weather appear to be a bit brighter today.

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