£18 Million Lottery Winner Claims Prize

The winner of the last EuroMillion Lottery jackpot to be won has stepped forward to claim the prize. As we all know by now the winning lottery ticket was purchased in the United Kingdom. At this stage this seems to be all of the information that we are going to get as the winning ticket holder has opted to remain anonymous.

The draw for to nights EuroMillion Lottery jackpot is for £12 Million and as ever there is also the Millionaire Raffle to play for. There is however some good news for lottery players with the announcement of a pre Christmas EuroMillions Superdraw during the month of November.

The next EuroMillions Superdraw will take place on the Friday the 15th of November 2013 with a minimum jackpot of £80 Million. The fact that this is all pre Christmaas bodes well as that means that there should be another big game around the festive period. Lottery players are in for a treat this winter at the very least.

The last Superdraw took place much earlier in the year and was extremely popular with players. There was of course also the Millionaire Raffle Superdraw which was worth £1 Million per month for a whole year. That was specific to the British EuroMillion version. The winner of that particular prize has yet to come forward to claim the win. The Lottery ticket was bought in the Ladywood area of Birmingham.

As ever we always recommend purchasing Lottery tickets Online. Visit the home page of EuroMillion Lottery where you can view all of the biggest lottery jackpots worldwide.

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