£18 Million Jackpot on EuroMillion Lottery

Tonight’s draw for the EuroMillion Lottery jackpot is for an estimated £18,000,000. This is after there was no winner of the main lottery prize on Friday, 31st of May, on Draw 594 of the popular lottery game.

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The draw for the EuroMillion lottery tonight seems to be a bit of a warm-up for the EuroMillion Super Draw to be held this coming Friday.

The organizers of EuroMillions have dipped into their booster fund to ensure that this Friday, the EuroMillion Lottery is worth a minimum of £80,000,000. This total will grow fast, and many lottery players will be looking to win it.

Although much smaller, the draw for tonight’s lottery will see fewer players playing, so chances statistically are better for winning a prize. Many lottery players still pick decent cash prizes even if the main prize is not won.

Even though no players managed to walk away with the main prize, EuroMillions still paid out over £4 million in prizes to lottery players. If you have not yet got your tickets for draw 595 of the lottery, you can still do so by buying lottery tickets online below.

We always recommend purchasing lottery tickets online for a host of reasons. First and foremost among the reasons is simply convenience.

Online players are automatically notified via email regarding any winning lottery tickets when purchasing lottery tickets. The other reasons have been expounded upon in many previous posts and articles.

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