£170 Million Lottery Jackpot Claimed

A week of frenetic activity on EuroMillions has come to an end with the news that the £170 Million jackpot has gotten claimed. This was the fifth draw after it hit the ceiling. That means it guaranteed to payout.

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UK Player Wins £170 Million Lottery

It is a UK Lottery player that has managed to win what is the biggest lottery prize ever. It has still not been determined if it is an individual or a group that has won it. We do know that it is a single ticket win of the main prize.

At present, the £170 million lottery win is still being verified and there is not yet any news if the winner/s will elect to remain anonymous or go public. As with all big lottery wins we all want to know who it is that claimed what could potentially be the biggest lottery win in the UK.

We say potentially as if it is a single person win, that would take the prize money above the current record holders of the largest UK EuroMillions win.

That, of course, got won by Colin & Chris Weir and was worth £161,653,00 in prize money. This new winning amount is worth just over £9 million more in prize money.

EuroMillions Resets & The Dream Continues

Once the win occurred, the main jackpot amount of EuroMillions reset to £15 million and the rest of us get to dream again about winning a big lottery jackpot.

The current value of EuroMillions is £22 million and climbing after the Friday draw resulted in a rollover.

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