£17 Million Jackpot Prize

£17 Million Jackpot Prize
£17 Million Jackpot Prize

EuroMillion Lottery is worth £17 Million in prize money in the draw later today. This comes after the draw on Tuesday culminated in a rollover.

As it is not yet the last Friday of the month, plus the massive £93,000,000 jackpot was claimed in the draw taking place last Friday. So it leaves us with the just above basic EuroMillion prize draw of £17 Million.

Dont you love it that this gets seen as a negative and not a positive? EuroMillion Lottery players are so used to playing for massive jackpot amounts these days that an enormous amount like this is disappointing.

We, however, think it is a positive reason. We prefer to play and get more aggressive when the EuroMillion jackpot prize is still at a relatively more minor level.

The reason behind this approach is due to better odds. More players tend to participate when the EuroMillion Prize Level gets to Super Rich levels. Fewer players mean more opportunity.

Ok, so the odds are a little better, but every little counts, as a well-known Supermarket chain will tell you.

The fact that the jackpot is £17,000,000 makes the draw today highly attractive for us and many others who follow the science of chance games and take the opportunity to level out playing fields.

If this has not persuaded you to participate in the EuroMillions draw today, perhaps the fact that Millionaire Maker is also offering a £1 Million prize plus the extra benefit of luxury gifts and prizes.

Think Big, as the National Lottery site would say, it can happen, and it does, ask the anonymous winner of the recent £93,000,000 lottery prize.

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