£169 Million Jackpot Game

The 4th of October 2019 hosts a £169 Million Jackpot game on EuroMillion Lottery. This guarantees a significant amount of players so ensure that you get your lottery tickets early if you intend to take part.

Unique £169 Million Lottery Jackpot

What makes this EuroMillion Lottery jackpot game unique is the actual jackpot prize amount. It seems to have hit its maximum prize ceiling and will not climb any further.

What Happens to The Prize Money Then?

As we are going to witness a large number of players you would normally expect the lottery jackpot amount to grow by at least £10 Million.

Instead what we are going to see is the prize money filter down to the other winning ticket combinations. That means players who don’t get six numbers and two lucky stars but get other winning combinations can expect to win more prize money.

Although this does take away from making the main lottery prize absolutely massive, it does provide an incentive to play as you could win life-changing amounts with a smaller tier win.

No lottery is more popular with European players at present and if you are not yet in it, plan to get your EuroMillion ticket soon as it is going to be busy.

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