£157 Million Jackpot Prize Fund Today

EuroMillions have a massive £157,000,000 Lottery Jackpot on offer today. The lottery prize fund has been building up over the last few weeks and is now sure to reach record levels. Today’s Tuesday Draw will be the most popular EuroMillions Tuesday draw of all time, in our opinion.

A single-ticket winner of this lottery jackpot in the UK will mean that they will be the second biggest winner of all time. The current total is a mere £4 Million shy of the record total of £161 Million by a Scottish couple.

Will you be on the rich list?

National Media outlets are already advising people where they will be on the rich list, and undoubtedly a single-ticket winner of this amount will be incredibly wealthy. The maximum the EuroMillions Lottery main jackpot can reach will be reached in this draw. The maximum is £161.5 Million. After that, prize money will filter down if no one has won the main prize.

As ever, we are advising lottery players to get their EuroMillion Lottery tickets early. On a day like this, websites and newsagents will be bombarded and playing safe is better than leaving it late. Purchasing lottery tickets online is our recommended choice, as players are contacted automatically when they have a winning line.

Lottery players from the United States, Australia and Canada, and non-participating European countries, can purchase EuroMillions Lottery tickets by clicking on the World EuroMillions Tickets link above.


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