£148 Million Jackpot Tonight

EuroMillions has a staggering jackpot worth £148 million or in Euro terms a mammoth €190million. The jackpot has reached its largest amount under the current rules. It can not get any larger and windfalls will now start to filter down to lottery players that get fewer numbers correct.

With a lottery jackpot this size on offer, demand for lottery tickets is going to be huge so make sure that you get your tickets as early as possible today if you have not yet got them.

The Euro Millions Millionaire Maker game is still looking for 7 millionaires that have yet to claim their windfall. This particular game created 100 new UK millionaires and 7 lucky people are sitting on a fortune at the moment and have still either not realized it or not claimed it. Please check your EuroMillion results here to make sure that you are not missing out.

We list all the winning results so that you can safely check if you have won one of the Millionaire Raffle prizes. As ever we always recommend buying your lottery tickets online. Below are the relevant links.

Rest of World Lottery Players Buy Here

UK EuroMillion Lottery Players Buy Here

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