£148 EuroMillion Winning Couple to Seperate

The curse of the winning lottery ticket has for all intents and purposes, struck again. The story of a couple who won the second largest EuroMillions Lottery jackpot in the history of the United Kingdom has hit mainstream media. It is likely to carry on for some time.

Too much cash can be bad for relationships

The Bayfords of Suffolk are reportedly splitting up after winning a massive £148 Million on the EuroMillion lottery. This unhappy news for the couple comes less than a year after they won the massive lottery jackpot on EuroMillions. It seems as if the pressure of winning so much cash has proven to be bad for their relationship.

After winning the massive prize, Adrian and Gillian Bayford attempted something of a normal existence. This would prove very difficult after winning so much cash that it placed them in the Sunday Times Rich List. Adrian tried to keep up his music shop in the local town but had to shut it down after being bombarded by requests for cash.

Gillian saved and kept a Play Centre for children going for a few months, but this has ultimately been closed down as well. The couple started out life as Lottery Millionaires by taking a Caravan holiday to Scotland and ordering Dominos Pizzas. Then came the usual trappings of a Lottery winner lifestyle.

This sad news if true must be a wake-up call to Lottery players. When winning a massive jackpot, it is better to remain anonymous and not go public with the news. The likes of us mere mortals can only imagine the pressure that the Bayfords have been under. The constant requests for cash and the stress of having so much cash and everyone knowing about it must have played a part in the break-up of this marriage.

This breakdown can be attributed directly to winning the Lottery and is an experience that many other Lottery Jackpot winners can identify with to various degrees. The most famous of all Lottery winners to go through an experience like this is of course the King of Chavs, Michael Carroll won the UK Lottery at a very young age and proceeded to blow his entire fortune on cars, drugs, women and holidays. He now works in a Scottish Biscuit factory.

The news of the Bayfords follows hot on the heels of the story of a new Jersey couple who won over $300 Million on the Powerball Lottery and are now also splitting up after winning less than eight months ago. So it seems that the curse of the winning lottery ticket has struck again for the first time for a UK EuroMillions winner.

The moral of this story is simple – think twice before going public with a lottery win of this size. Going public with this kind of news is very bad for relationships.

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